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Tony Futura

Sex, Politics, Society in Bittersweet Pictures

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Biting irony and weird (but honest) matchings pervade the photo-creations of Tony Futura, 30, Berlin, who produces exclusively on Instagram.

Industrial colors and flashing tonalities are flanked by not-very-politically-correct contents, which amaze the viewer and make his/her reflect on social issues. Tony Futura has the impact of a street artist, and the elegance of a designer.


Here is his account and our selection of his bittersweet photographs. Learn more!



Banana strip Tony Futura

Banana strip © Tony Futura 2015. Above: Disney Censored © Tony Futura, screenshot.



Pablo Picachu

Pablo Picachu © Tony Futura 2016.


Some pictures from Tony Futura's Instagram account. © Tony Futura.

Some pictures from Tony Futura’s Instagram account. © Tony Futura.

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