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Arts@CERN: Imagining Science

​​Born in 2011 from the research of Ariane Koek, arts@CERN is a program which aims at combining arts and sciences in a creative collaboration, in which artists and scientists work very close in a free exchange of ideas.

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The Arts and Sciences are disciplines based on research. While art investigates human reality through images, science explores material reality through theories. Both practices are moved by the same drive to comprehend the complexity of nature and its very existence.

Created in 2011 from the research of Ariane Koek, arts@CERN is a program which aims at a creative collaboration and a free exchange of ideas between artists and scientists (see the COLLIDE Artists Residency Award or ACCELERATE). The director of arts@CERN Monica Bello states:

Art doesn’t have to represent concepts nor to illustrate any passage of scientific research. It rather has to capture science, physics, under an unconventional point of view.

(Artribune n.32, 2016 – Interview by Ginevra Bria, my translation)


In the 21st century, this seems an inevitable yet fascinating solution to explore our universe as human beings, whose search for knowledge must not be confined to purely science, or, better, in how we define science today. “Art-science” sounds a more productive and credible binomy. It can finally replace the old and useless “religion-science”, which allowed us only to believe instead of see; be passive rather than active.

Arts@CERN helps us understand how art is a form of science and viceversa, through the creative act of the imagination.


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