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Do Ho Suh, Hubs, 2016, Plyester fabric, stainless steel, Victoria Mirò, London. Courtesy of the artist and the gallery.

Do Ho Suh does not intend to limit himself to just representing passages. He wants the visitor to feel them.

Marina Abramovich, Rhythm 0, 1974, Tate Modern Installation dedicated to the performance, London. Photo from Tate Images.

Recently, the Tate Modern in London has opened a new section; a ten storey tower with a fantastic view on the river Thames.

New Design Museum, South Kensington, London. Photo by Photograph by Gravity Road (

The appeal of this new exhibit area is not only in its modern and attractive structure but in the interactive display of design objects.

The Beloved, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1865-6, o/c, Tate Britain, London

This brief artistic reality is still rather mysterious and ambiguous for its incredible variety of styles, issues, and themes proposed by its members.

Georgia O’Keeffe, Red and Orange streak

Although most people consider Georgia O’Keeffe the painter of skulls and flowers, the themes represented by her brushes are really varied.

Fuori Uso, 2016, Pescara. Photo by Artribune. Above: Mohnsen Baghernejad Moghanjoonghi, Nothing was risked, 2016, Pescara.

  Located in the Abruzzi, in Italy, Pescara is quite an important town. In is a harbor, a highly cultural area and a city of Italian poets,

The Continuous Movement: Grand Hotel version I

Superstudio was a design movement proposing radical and utopist ideas regarding architecture.

rondinone golden days

Rondinone has installed casts of trees that are as old as the markets themselves, providing a suggestive artwork which is linked to his own

henrot face

What does Monday mean for you? Of course, it’s the beginning of the week, a working day, and almost everyone may link Mondays with

Cengiz Tekin - Uberaura

The exhibit is a touch of a reality that we might not really know. All the art works on exposition denounce an unbalanced change

Giovanni Fattori, La rotonda dei bagni palmieri - UberAura

Today, we are going to introduce you this small reality operating in the century of Romanticism, Realism and Impressionism.

parmigianino e correggio

Instead of the usual Raphael, Leonardo, and the many other artists working in the well-known Florence and Rome, visitors can experience the artistic environment

Botero, El beso de Judas, 2010, oil on canvas, Antioquia Museum, Medellìn, Columbia. Courtesy of the museum.

  How can we describe Fernando Botero (1932-)’s art? One would say huge figures in movement, glowing faces, and joy. I believe that those definitions

Toulouse Lautrec mostra roma uberaura

To most people the French post-Impressionist artist is just a dwarf, alcoholic, and ill. However, sir Lautrec was not only a bohemian painter living

Nathan Sawaya Yellow cover - UberAura

“Fortunately, there are no rules in art". For the artist and former lawyer Nathan Sawaya (1971), everything can be art, also LEGO. Those small bricks